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The most simple expense tracker for families and households

This app is designed for families, households, and singles who only want to track their daily spending.

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It doesn't get any simpler

This app helps you track your every day spending, nothing else. There are no accounting features, no artificial intelligence to suggest or predict outcomes, you cannot upload receipts and you cannot connect it with your credit card or bank account.

The only thing this app does is make it extremely simple to track your expenses.


Track your daily expenses, optionally with categories.


Invite family and household members to your account to track your household's spending together.


Review your spending month by month on all devices.

Daily expenses

We track the calaries we eat, the steps we walk, and now we can also track our daily expenses.

It helps to keep an eye on every day spending to save money. How much money do we spend on coffee, groceries, dog food, gazoline, etc? Once we visualize and understand our habits we can start to change them.

Did you know that an espresso a day adds up to a nice holiday weekend a year? Where did you spend money today? How much did you spend? Do you remember every penny? With this app you will!

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Get started

1. Create an account

Create only one account for your household, you will share it with all members.

Getting Started - Register an Account
2. Add members

Invite family and household members to your account.

Getting Started - Add Members
3. Add expenses

Every time you spend money, add it to Grapao Tang.

Getting Started - Add Expenses
Picture of our small family

Our Story

The app's name Grapao Tang (กระเป๋าตัง) is a cute and traditional Thai expression for "Wallet". Money has many connotations, it can be associated with freedom or power, among many other things. It can also be a childhood memory when our grandparents gave us some small coins to buy a candy. The Thai word Gaprao Tang implies this feeling, the small coins in our hand that we can spend for a little treat.

We are a small family that has decided to keep track of our daily expenses. We began with a kitchen book in which we wrote our expenses every evening. However, we soon started to have gaps as we sometimes forgot to write them down. That's why we began looking for an app that would allow us to track our expenses as soon as they occurred.

All apps we found were overloaded with accounting features we didn't require. However, we wanted an app that we could use together. After failing to find the perfect app, we decided to create our own.

By the way, say hello to our little dog Thung Thong (ทุ่งทอง), she is our gold treasure and approves this app ;)